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This is a quick Q&A about Cointribute we want to share with you. We are working hard to prepare the launch to come and processing the final touch to this incredible project. Follow us so you won’t miss our next publications.

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Dear CoinTributors,

The token is officially launched and the pre-sale was a success.

We reached 700 Holders in only 4 hours!

We want to express our gratitude, THANK YOU !

We are aware that some of you didn’t have the opportunity to buy the pre-sale even with a whitelist slot…



We have updated the requirements for the pre-sale upon advice of our community!

We want our launch to be a success. Expectations are high to provide a new way of fundraising for charity. We couldn’t achieve that without our community.

So we listened to them. All of them. And our conclusion was that we needed to strengthen our approach, to…

What if at the crossroads of blockchain technology, DeFi and NFT we could find a way to change the game for donators, recipients of charity and non-profit organization ?

This is what gathered the Cointribute team a few weeks ago: to become the referent coin and virtuous system dedicated to…


Official account of cointribute CTB. A new cryptocurrency and NFT platform made for you to develop charity and solidarity.

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