This is a quick Q&A about Cointribute we want to share with you. We are working hard to prepare the launch to come and processing the final touch to this incredible project. Follow us so you won’t miss our next publications.

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Cointribute is a project based on the BSC blockchain, allowing fundraising for civil society and organizations engaged in the fight against inequality in the world: access to health, microcredit, internet, education …

Thanks to NFTs, Cointribute adds a layer of transparency and a new way to discover or support causes. It’s a new opportunity to give more often and more regularly.

Cointribute is a two phase project:

PHASE 1 = Investing in our CTB token will generate regular donations and financial support for the next phase.

PHASE 2 = Our NFT charity marketplace, a groundbreaking approach to charity.


The Cointribute project is based on the $CTB token, which generates incomes for NGOs. During this first phase, 2% of each transaction is allocated to a donation wallet.

The earnings generated on the donation wallet will be used entirely to support NGOs worldwide.

We only give to NGOs that allocate the entire donation to specific projects: we are very open but also very attentive to how the donation is used.

We are incorporating a DAO voting system for our community to choose which project they want to support! We will soon post a new medium thread to detail this process.

In development: PHASE 2

The creation of a new kind of NFT marketplace will allow all users to make donations to the NGO they wish to support. This results in the purchase of an NFT, sorted by themes, causes etc.

For each purchase, 80% of the amount of the sale of the NFT will be donated to the associated NGO. Ultimately, the donor will decide whether to make their profile public or not, and thus share with the community their entire personal NFT library dedicated to charity.


Cointribute is for crypto enthusiasts and digital donors :

  • Blockchain enthusiasts and investors who wish to participate in a concrete, strong and committed project.
  • Anyone who wants to support causes close to their heart.

3 Types of NFT will be issued:

  • Original creation from the NGO
  • Created by artists and donated to NGOs to engage their community around a meaningful project.
  • Talents scouted by Cointribute around the world sharing their artwork to raise funds.


We are a collective of entrepreneurs, experts and donors eager to change the game when it comes to charitable causes. Our team is located on several continents, some are close to NGOs and we have a common dream: to redistribute the world’s wealth for a better world.


Because blockchain is a great and revolutionary tool to fight inequality all over the world. By virtue of its spirit, its transparency, its model and its community we can -we must- cointribute.

Through Cointribute, you can be the actor of change.

To give, to give back, a little of what life has given us to improve the lives of others on the other side of the planet. It is the magic of the blockchain and its community, which has advocated decentralization for a fairer world. This is our state of mind, and it is this ambition to get as many people as possible on this adventure.


By purchasing CTB from the launch:

  • 2% of each transaction will be allocated to the donation wallet for listed NGOs.
  • 1% will fund the work and infrastructure of our team that is building the marketplace. The funds used to finance the project will be published and all remaining balance will be reallocated to the donation wallet

We didn’t wait for the launch to start giving : our team of private donors has already distributed donations, nothing can stop us.


You will find $CTB on decentralized exchanges (DeFi, in particular PancakeSwap)

Although we already have deals with centralized exchanges, we will cap the $CTB allocation, to keep the smart contract interacting, and providing more and more donations.


Stay tuned, $CTB will be available soon (JUNE 2021)

Official account of cointribute CTB. A new cryptocurrency and NFT platform made for you to develop charity and solidarity.